Moving into a Rented Apartment

4 Important Things to Arrange Before Moving into a Rented Apartment

Whether you’re moving into your first rental apartment or you’ve been renting for a while, being organized and ready for moving day is essential. The key is to plan ahead. That way, when you get your keys you can concentrate on getting unpacked and settling into your new place.

Here are 4 important things to arrange before moving into your rental apartment.

Utility bills

If you are responsible for sorting your utility bills for your rented property then it’s a good idea to get some quotes before you move in. Otherwise, inform your current suppliers of your move so they can move everything over or take your last utility readings before you switch. If you are able to get into the property for a few hours before you officially move in, why not get your wifi set up? That way, you’ll be all set up for working from home without delay.

Tenants insurance

Another important thing to remember is tenants insurance. If you’re renting an apartment then covering yourself against your personal belongings, personal liability and additional lying expenses will provide greater peace of mind. Duuo offers insurance for as little as $12-20 per month — a small investment that can make a big difference. You never know when an accident may occur such as water damage to your property or a lawsuit with your landlord, so it’s always best to protect yourself.

Redirect your post or update your address

One thing that people often forget about is updating their address on their online accounts, bank records and more. Before you move in, be sure to update your details so your mail doesn’t continue to be sent to your old address or use a mail forwarding service so you don’t miss out on important letters or packages. You should also inform your employer of your new address so they can update your records.

Make sure you know the building codes

If your apartment is located in a block then you’ll probably need to know entry codes. Although your landlord should provide this information, having it ahead of time will prevent unnecessary stress especially if you need a fob or access card sent to you. Plus, when it comes to moving day your removal team may have trouble getting in if you have the wrong code or no code at all, so get this sorted.

Moving doesn’t need to be stressful if you get well prepared. Be sure to arrange the above essentials and you’ll have less to worry about before moving in so your moving experience is worry-free.